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Doctor - Smack

So... who else saw tonight's episode? If you haven't, you really should...

I blame Stephen Moffat. He's just waaay too good at the really scary Who villains - first gas mask zombies (hands up if you still shudder when you hear small children asking for their mothers), now scary-arse statuary. When I die, I'm having a Weeping Angel for my tombstone, so I can scare my descendants for decades to come.

Anyway, the episode. Btw, watching this type of stuff really squishes my ego, mainly because the central conceit is so far beyond anything I've ever come up with, and yet feels completely, blindingly omigodthat'ssoobviouswhyhaven'tithoughtofthat, much like the Harry Potter books in fact. 

I like Sally. Even if B and E in creepy old houses is about as obvious as plot contrivance comes. She's... sweet.

Apparently the Doctor writes his warnings stream-of-consciousness fashion. Did Ten's previous incarnations also come without the self-edit function?

A small but perfectly filthy part of my brain is currently giggling at David Tennant gabbling his way through getting fucked. By Jack. Damn but I want to write that now. The rest of my brain hates me.

Uh... how exactly does Cathy know her brother's wandering around in the buff? Oh right... the same way I know mine does it. Sisterly psychic powers. We Know.

WTF? Doctor, you lost the TARDIS?! Bumpy rides for the next millenium or so, methinks...

I'm sad about the dead DI-cum-potential-boyfriend too, I can accept time-travel and evil angel staues, but c'mon. A hospital ward with four completely empty beds in the current NHS climate strains credulity to breaking point. 

HOLYCRAPOHSHIT! And indeed, eek! They turned around and, and, and I nearly had a heart a-frickin-ttack. Possibly the first time I've been tempted to hide behind the couch in recent memory. What? Those faces are scary even when stationary. Especially when stationary. I may or may not have started yelling at the telly at this point.

Whoever thought up the flickering lightbulb in the cellar is a genius. This sequence (along with the closing montage) will be in my head, giving me nightmares, possibly for the rest of my life. I can still see it when I close my eyes... *shivers*

And even though this ep is essentially free of Doctorly character moments, thanks to the slightly darker side we saw last week we still got a frisson of doubt when the TARDIS started to disappear around them. Do I think the Doctor would kill to get it back? Absolutely. But only if he couldn't think of a way not too. Still, the thought was there. The idea of the Doctor is still a little bit scarier than the monsters, and I love that.

That said, Doctor!! What the hell were the dodgy bow and arrow props about? I think I remember them from BBC kids TV - in the 80's. Not good. (I told you the TARDIS would be pissed).

Aand Captain Jack is back next week! (Can. Not. Wait. Want. Utopia. Right. Now.)


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