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So I've been talking to God lately...

  • 29th Jun, 2007 at 12:17 AM
...and everyone automatically groans when they hear that, don't they *g*. Relax, I'm not about to ram my beliefs down anyone's throat. I'm transcribing for my own benefit (but I think you might find it interesting).

I was brought up as a Catholic. I'm sure God exists. But I'm really starting to question the purpose of organised religion. Take abortion, for instance - Catholicism teaches that it's always wrong. Is it?

If I did not want abortions to occur, I could have stopped them. I could have created the human race so that there was no period of time between knowledge of conception and birth, for instance by having you all lay eggs. Instead you have a nine-month period of pregnancy. There is a good reason for this.

When I created the world as you know it, I wished for it to be self-sustaining. I created physical laws to govern matter and energy so that the world could exist indefinitely, without intervention from Me. Similarly, I created the human race to be self-sustaining, able to reproduce yourselves through sexual intercourse. I also gave you free will, to do as wished with the life that I have given you.

Therefore: a new life is a gift, from Me to you, through the mechanism of sex (and more recently through IVF etc.). It is your choice to accept and nurture that gift. Sometimes you reject it, because you did not feel able to raise a child at that time, or because you were raped, or for some other reason. I must stress that the choice is yours to be made freely for whatever reason or none at all- to say otherwise would be to make a mockery of the free will I have given you. I also know that the decision is rarely made lightly.

So we return to this nine month waiting period you call pregnancy. This exists as a kind of grace period in which you can choose to end the pregnancy, should you so wish, now that medicine allows you to do so in relative safety. 

In short, I do not regard abortion as a wrong thing. In fact, if you do not find yourself able to provide the best home possible for your childat that time, if you would resent them or if there would be the possibility of abuse, I would much prefer it if you sent them straight home to Me, so that I can then send them on to (hopefully) a better home.



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